Using myLogger step by step

Find out more about the use of myLogger webpage connected to GS1 Logger for Staff application. Our gallery of screenshots may help to get familiar with the functions of the webpage step by step.

Log in ( – the webpage is available on 8 languages.

The filtering functions are available in rolling down boxes. For example you are able to filter: 10-100 records per pages, filtering only the invalid numbers, checking the validations in a certain period, filtering only the GTINs, filter the whole records of a colleague, etc.

The detailed information of a record: Scanned or typed number, Pictures, Report, GS1 ID Key, GEPIR status, Logger (GenSpec) status, the owner of the data, the location of the validation, the time of the validation, the tool of the validation and it’s owner.

The detailed information of the reasons why the scanned or typed number is invalid.

In the case of a nonstandard symbol or a nonstandard number on the webpage you can find all the details why the symbol or the number doesn’t meet the needs of the GS1 Standards.

The information about the location of the validation (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Horizontal Accuracy, Vertical Accuracy).

About the location of the validation more detailed information are available ont he page of the location as the exact place of the validation and the location viewed on a map.

The detailed information about the tool of validation and its owner.

The colour of a sent report’s symbol is green, the colour of the report not sent yet is black.

The pictures added to the invalid records are available on the webpage as well.

Filterings and statistics made on the webpage are exportable into Excel or .csv format.

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FAQ Items

What is GS1 Logger for Staff?

GS1 Logger for Staff application has been developed by GS1 Hungary for the GS1 Community in order to create a single and uniform tool to check whether GS1 ID Keys are valid and whether barcodes and ID Keys meet the standards.

What is the GS1 Logger for Staff project?

The purpose of the GS1 Logger for Staff project - that was launched in Janury 2012 as a GS1 in Europe project – was to test the mobile application on international level. Up to now more than 500 colleagues of more than 70 MOs has joined the project.

How is it possible to join the GS1 Logger for Staff? (steps of registration)

GS1 MO’s and Companies need to register first and it is only afterward that colleagues can register. For the details of the registration please read this page: Solutions/Logger for Staff/Download and Registration

Which are the main functions of GS1 Logger for Staff application?

The two main functions of the application are verifying the validity and invalidity of GS1 identification numbers, and examination the construction of the symbols, whether or not they meet the standards and whether or not the Application Identifiers (AI)are valid on the basis of the standard specifications.

The solution includes a mobile application and a website with wide range of functions available. Read more about the functions of the brand new version of the application, the Logger for Staff 2.1: Solutions/GS1 Logger for Staff/Features

Is it possible to read more about GS1 Logger for Staff solution?

The most detailed documentation of the functions is the so called User Manual. The updated version of the User Manual is available to download here: Solutions/GS1 Logger for Staff/Documentation

Which platform(s) are the GS1 Logger for Staff application developed for?

The application was developed for iOS, Android, Windows phone platforms.

Those organisations and associations which are not the Member Organisations of the Global GS1 Organisation are allowed to join the project?

GS1 Logger for Staff application has been developed mainly for the GS1 Community in order to create a single and uniform tool to check whether GS1 ID Keys are valid and whether barcodes and ID Keys meet the standards. If your organisation or association - which is not local Member Organisation of GS1 Global Organisation - are interested in the project and the application, please contact with us:

What is Logger Professional?

The Logger Professional framework may provide an effective solution for several sectors (Healthcare, FMCG sector, Transport and Logistics) and target groups (companies, consumers, governmental/administrative organs) in the field of data management and control.