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For the effective operation of the transport & logistics sector accurate location and time data are indispensible.

Today in the global market it may give a headache to manufactures, shippers and customers if they are in different corners of the world where there are different orthographic and positioning systems in operation; in many cases these data are impermeable, or incompatible, in other words they aren’t interoperable.

The GS1-principled location identification elaborated by GS1 Hungary and the Location database can support any kind of traceability system through a mobile application and a closed website, since this complex solution is capable of providing accurate and reliable location data in real time for any stakeholder in the supply chain.

The various solutions based on Logger philosophy are able to record the accurate physical location and time of a given event and all related location information leaning on the location database and they are in touch with other databases containing master data. Thus, if it is relevant, they can add further organisation, product or document data to the event. This concept and devices - designed on the basis of the concept - with various operating systems may increase significantly the effectiveness of the various traceability systems, help the operation of enterprises and state authorities and contribute to information provision to consumers.

In addition, the practical applications of Logger philosophy make it possible to reach any authentic physical location in real time and to record data of an important business location, allowing to record and store measured parts or polygons of any map and then to forward them in an XML message with mobile devices to anybody, anywhere anytime.

Advantages for manufacturers and brand owners

Subsequent to production they can track and trace shipments the moment they leave their warehouse in real time in case they require their transporting partners to apply track and trace solutions accessible via mobile devices.

Advantages for shipping and logistics companies

Connecting applications on mobile devices to their own intranets in real time allows these companies to track and trace the movement of their shipments by the minute. Having analysed the results they may increase their effectiveness by choosing better routes.

In their warehouse areas they can load goods on and off a vehicle fast and effectively connecting the placement of individual pallets of goods or even smaller units to accurate warehouse location data, with the help of which the search time for products and shipments stored temporarily may be decreased considerably.

They may become capable of meeting the information needs of their customers as well as the strict regulations of the authorities at a high level regarding shipping data provision.

Advantages for traders

They may increase the effectiveness of their processes in their stores by providing mobile devices to colleagues working in warehouses and in the selling area, who can establish connections with the help of applications running on the mobile devices in real time between the cargo hold and shelves often wide apart, and thus, they can have an access to products on shelves very fast. At the same time reordering when stocks are running low can be carried out in no time without any potential human error by adding the barcode of the given product type to the message.

In order to use information (data provision, process, delivery, interpretation) uniformly, all stakeholders, the authorities and consumers need to ‘speak’ a common language. In order to achieve all this we have developed GS1 Logger by utilising GS1 Standards that have already proved themselves in business life.

Among other things GS1 Logger application is based on the following GS1 Standards:

  • Management of GS1 Data Identifiers;
  • Management of GS1standard linear barcodes and 2D codes (GS1 DataMatrix and GS1 QR code);
  • Validation of data according to GS1 Standard;
  • Product master database – according to GDSN Standard;
  • GS1-principled organisation, location, document master database;
  • Database of product data and event data in the manufacturing process.

The wide range of use of a mobile application that integrates GS1 Standard elements and available for anybody promotes a more transparent and more effective supply chain in the transport & logistics sector.

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