Time for winning with Logger for Staff

  • 7-2-2014

And the tradition continues…as another GS1 in Europe Regional Forum is approaching so we are launching another GS1 Logger competition for MOs.

The competition will start Thursday, 3 July 2014logger_competition.jpg

And will finish Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Winner A: who caught the most invalid GTINs with Logger for Staff

Prize: Samsung Galaxy S5

There will be two different competitions. The first one is the usual one. It is for individuals and the winner will be our colleague who caught the most invalid GTINs with Logger for Staff appliication. Please note that the reports on invalid numbers must include a clear picture about the product and its barcode on it! Only reports with clear recognizable pictures will be accepted and taken into account!

The prize will be a Samsung Galaxy S5!

Winner B: When individuals become a team!

The second one is something special. This will be for entire GS1 MOs and the MO that altogether verified the most GS1 ID Keys with the new Batch Query function of the Logger for Staff platform will be the winner. (Should you not be familiar with the batch query function yet, please see the user guide at http://gs1logger.gs1hu.org/FTP/batch_query_user_guide_v1.pdf .)

The prize of the second competion will be a surprise but we can ensure you that it will be really special and it is worth trying to win it.

We will announce the winners of the both competitions at the upcoming Regional Forum 2014 to be held in Nice on 3-7 November! 

Please note that we’ll exclude those invalid GS1 ID Keys from the competition which are due to the not up-to-date lists of GS1 GCPs provided by MOs hosted by the GS1 GO GEPIR server or to any other malfunctioning of the local GEPIR nodes. Reported invalid numbers without attached pictures will be excluded as well!