Healthcare Demo Scanner

  • 2-10-2014

Every year the Market Place of GS1 Global Forum provides several new ideas and solutions by the MOs and the GO for the sake of innovation. So will it be this year, when –among other great developments– GS1 Healthcare will unleash a brand new smartphone application.

The new smartphone application, called Healthcare Demo Scanner was designed for

  • retrieval of standardized identification numbers for access to controlled databases
  • retrieval of variable or dynamic data (i.e. expiry dates, lot / batch numbers, serial numbers, etc.)
  • direct access to controlled webpages containing product information (i.e. general information, Electronic Information for Use, Electronic Package Inserts, use videos, etc.)

GS1 Hungary proudly supports GS1 Healthcare

’Since 2011, we are working restlessly to understand the current market changes and claims, and seek ways to implement GS1 Standards into smartphone application’ said Béla Magyar, CEO of GS1 Hungary. ’As Healthcare is one of the most important sectors for the GS1 community, we were glad when the Global Office asked for our assistance with our data manager and control system, which is based on the Logger philosophy recognized at Logger for Staff. This is how Healthcare Demo Scanner was born’.

GS1 Healthcare and GS1 Hungary started the project based on the instructions of the GO by mid-December last year. The application can be found on Apple’s App Store and also available on Google Play.
In order to log in and test the application, Logger for Staff account or registration is necessary.

The application will participate in this year’s GS1 Global Forum in Brussels, Belgium at GS1 Healthcare’s booth, where everyone can test and review in action.

We are looking forward to see you there!

GS1 Hungary

For more and actual information about Healthcare Demo Scanner, please click here!