Healthcare Demo Scanner: innovation for healthcare sector

  • 3-18-2014

The latest development of GS1 Hungary made its debut in cooperation with GS1 Global Office Healthcare Group on the Global Forum ’14 as the specialty of the Healthcare booth. Healthcare Demo Scanner is a smartphone application which ensures access to product information. It also supports several other functions such as UDI (Unique Device Identification).

The presented solution kicked off with success, we have received several positive feedbacks.

The application has undergone an explosive growth:

  • 30 MOs (Member Organizations) and
  • 42 (mostly healthcare) multinational company

started to test and use the solution for controlling barcodes and read data content fast and efficiently.

Healthcare Demo Scanner currently supports the following functions:

  • retrieval of standardized identification numbers for access to controlled databases
  • retrieval of variable or dynamic data (i.e. expiry dates, lot / batch numbers, serial numbers, etc.)
  • direct access to controlled webpages containing product information (i.e. general information, Electronic Information for Use, Electronic Package Inserts, use videos, etc.)

The application can be found both on App Store and Google Play for the comprehensive support of the smartphone users. To use the application either GS1 Logger for Staff ID or new registration is necessary. 

We hope the development will not stop here and eagerly wait for the feedbacks and new needs of GS1 GO Healthcare Group, the testers of the GS1 MOs and the companies.

Our vision about a comprehensive and GS1 value based support for every stakeholder of the healthcare sector is ready. If you are interested to read about the potential benefits of the Logger for Staff based applications of healthcare sector, please click here.

More, continuously updated information about Healthcare Demo Scanner can be read here!