GS1 Logger for Staff becomes the ultimate tool for GTIN Intelligence

  • 6-19-2014

The verification of GTIN, GLN and GCP data are in the focus of every GS1 MO worldwide. The GS1 Logger for Staff system (including the mobile application and administration website) has already became a widely used tool for this purpose – nowadays over 400 Colleagues from 68 MOs use the solution in their everyday work. Nevertheless the best practice for the verification of GTINs, GLNs or any other GS1 ID Keys in a large quantity is to cooperate with trading partners and to control their lists of thousands of GS1 ID Keys. Although this procedures could be difficult and tiresome without effective processes or an efficient tool. And this where now the Logger platform delivers the solution once again.

The newly developed Batch Query function of the platform offers an easy-to-use, fast and effective solution for the above mentioned processes. It realizes the verification and qualification through the GEPIR server of GS1 Hungary by standardized messages just like in the case of user requests initiated on the mobile application but offering the possibility of checking thousands of GTINs, GLNS, and GCPs in bulk

The Batch Query function offers an easy-to-use, fast and last but not least effective solution for the above mentioned processes.

The goals of Batch Query are the following:

  • GS1 IDs verification in a high amount, quite like 10 thousand or more, in the course of one user request
  • The new function supports the examination of qualification for the high amount of ID Keys as well

The Batch Query service performs the verification and qualification through the GEPIR server of GS1 Hungary by standardised messages just like in case of user requests via the mobile client/application.

The input of the data bases and the transmission of the results of checking may occur via webpage or webservice to the users.

Variable analytics are available to download from the system, even the widest statistics concentrated from both Batch Query and mobile verification in the same period of time. Thus GS1 MOs will be able to overview the complete state of their work in the field of GTIN Intelligence.

Thanks to this service not only GS1 MOs will be able to analyse the statistics of GS1 IDs’ verification locally but also globally will stand at the GS1 Community’s disposal a comprehensive data base to give true picture about the implementation of GS1 Standards worldwide.

We hope that the new Batch Query function will be an active and valuable support for GS1 MOs and will play a key role in the global strategy of GS1 Community for GTIN Intelligence, Data Quality. The developments will not stop here! We are now working on new functions (e.g. ticketing service) that will enable the Logger Platform to become THE solution for MOs in the field of GTIN intelligence. Moreover we are working on additional developments that will finally enable GS1 MOs to provide the Logger platform as a value added service for their members. So stay tuned!

More information about the Batch Query is available in the User Guide.

Should you need further information about GS1 Logger for Staff Platform, need assistance or simply have new ideas to implement please contact Tímea Berecz at