GS1 Logger for Staff version 2.2 with new features is available now!

  • 5-19-2013

Here are the most important new features from the users' point of view:

  • ISBN country prefix handling
  • Handling 'www' prefixed code as a valid website url
  • Qualification approved by the GS1Lib but unsent records can report only after sending them and its GEPIR query have been failed
  • Push registration workflow changed: the APN registration are going to send when the internet connection is available, so no more error message for unsuccessfull registration without internet
  • Opening of sending (saving) any records without AI or Code (E.g. a very offen used non standard product url in qr code)
  • GS1Lib bugfix: GS/FNC1 handling at the very last positon of the separator required codes when they also followed by other element(s)

Click on the links below to download the application: