GS1 Logger for Staff - it is now beyond GS1 in Europe

  • 1-13-2013

There is lot in Logger for Staff for GS1 MOs and not only for the European ones.

GS1 Logger for Staff has been running as a GS1 in Europe project since January 2012 led by GS1 Hungary. Until now GS1 in Europe has provided an ideal umbrella for this initiative however the increasing number of interested MOs outside of Europe triggered the discussion with the Global Office to bring further developments and maintenance of the application and its infrastructure to global level. This would provide an adequate framework for all GS1 MOs to use Logger for Staff as a powerful tool on the one hand to fight against the use of invalid/unauthorized use of GS1 company prefixes but on the other hand to provide additional services for their users. The first feature is not a surprise. Logger for staff was primarily designed to scan, check the validity of GS1 Id keys and make report on invalid GTINs. Simple and very useful tool for all GS1 MOs to support their GTIN intelligence efforts. In course of 2012 users scanned more than 30 000 GTINs and caught almost 4 000 invalid numbers from over 35 countries. This clearly shows that there is a huge need for such a tool and process at MOs to follow up these numbers.

On the other hand, besides validation of the GS1 ID keys the application is capable to perform data qualification too. The qualification function is based on GS1Lib, an eLibrary that includes all the definitions and rules of the latest General Specification and prefixes from GEPIR Root XML.

This function allows users to perform basic barcode quality check beyond GCP validation. This could be a very handy tool for MOs to support their daily operation when they are verifying barcodes or when they are providing trainings or consultancy. There is also opportunity for GS1 MOs to provide this tool for their own users as a sort of mobile ‘barcode verifier’ thus creating an extra service for their user community.

So there is lot in Logger for Staff for GS1 MOs and not only for the European ones. There are now more than 15 MOs outside of Europe registered to use the application. It is a clear sign that the initiative is now beyond Europe and therefore it would be much more adequate to run the infrastructure by GS1 GO and provide as a useful service for GS1 MOs worldwide. Taking into account these considerations GS1 Hungary has started discussions with the GS1 GO in order to explore the possibilities of handing over the application and its infrastructure to the GO. So far the discussions have been proved fruitful and shortly there will be a clear decision. In case of a possible positive decision there would be a roadmap of the handover and if everything goes well it will be done by Q4 2013. Stay tuned to hear about the latest developments!