And the winner is...

  • 2-24-2013

On the GS1 Global Forum Market Place 2013 the winner of our latest competition as well as the winner of the GS1 Logger for Staff quiz played on our stand was announced.

Congratulations to Joao Picoito from GS1 Portugal and Nadia Souza from GS1 Brazil!

Don’t forget, that the new version of Logger for Staff application, 2.1 is now available to download on iOS as well as on Android. Be the user of the GS1 Logger for Staff application and help to save the values of GS1 System!

Please note that we had to make some significant but necessary changes in the communication between the application and the serves thus the previous version of Logger for Staff will not work! So go and download the latest version from the store!

Last but not least click on the following link to see our latest video of Logger for Staff: