A new year, a new competition!

  • 1-14-2013

In order to reward those colleagues who are the most eager to hunt down invalid/unauthorized use of GS1 GCPs we are launching a new competition for the GS1 Logger user community.

By now the application is also available in the Google Play Store thus there is no excuse any longer. Make your mobile phones ready and scan as many bar codes as you can!

The details of competition:

  • Start: Wednesday, 16 January 2013
  • Finish: Thursday, 14 February 2013
  • Winner: who caught the most invalid GTINs with Logger for Staff
  • Prize: Samsung Galaxy Note II

Please note that the reports on invalid numbers must include a clear picture about the product and its barcode on it! Only reports with clear recognizable pictures will be accepted and taken into account! We’ll exclude those invalid GTINs from the competition which are due to the not up-to-date lists of GS1 GCPs provided by MOs hosted by the GS1 GO GEPIR server or to any other malfunctioning of the local GEPIR nodes. Reported invalid numbers without attached pictures will be excluded as well!

We recommend to your attention the attached paper describing a ‘Common process to use GS1 Logger for Staff and to follow up on invalid/unauthorized GS1 GCPs’.

We will announce the winner at the upcoming Global Forum 2013 in Brussels at the market place on Tuesday 19 February! Besides the one who caught the most invalid numbers there will be special prizes for our colleague who scanned the most bar codes with different GS1 company prefix.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

So with that…ready….steady…scan!