Christmas present for the whole GS1 community – the website of GS1 Logger for Staff has been renewed!

  • 12-15-2012

With a brand new image, useful functions and interesting contents the new website of GS1 Logger for Staff welcomes GS1 colleagues who are already busy running tests on the software and showing interest in our application.

Our website has been renewed as a direct result of the extensive experience we have gained, users’ feedback and our new ideas. From now on visitors can obtain information about the fully operational GS1 Logger for Staff software and the solutions of Logger Professional currently under construction on a better-structured and easy-to-use website.

It is well worth visiting GS1 Logger website from time to time since on the News & Events page we regularly report on our news, the status of the software development project as well as the events where the team members give an account of the results of GS1 Logger for Staff. Visitors may download the presentations and have a look at the pictures taken at the events and watch videos introducing the application.

How does GS1 Logger for Staff work in practice?

We publish the reports of GS1 colleagues and MO’s being successful with the use of the software in the Success Stories tag, which is open to anyone else wishing to send us their own experience about the application. Those preferring to obtain information from graphs may download our regularly updated Statistics and Reports. As GS1 Logger for Staff is designed to serve the whole GS1 Community, our goal is to make it really useful, and therefore we would be more than happy to receive any development ideas or comments via our website.

Perhaps Logger Professional framework, which we are developing parallel with Logger for Staff software, is still unknown for many GS1 colleagues, although we intend it for wider use; for ‘the general public’ i.e. the partners and users of the MO’s. On our website we have summarized its advantages and benefits for the framework Sectors and the various Target groups.

We are quite hopeful that our renewed GS1 Logger website with its useful functions and interesting contents may be a real help for GS1 colleagues to fight against invalid numbers and also that it will inspire more and more colleagues to download and use GS1 Logger for Staff software.

Should you have any question or comment related to our website, please send an email to