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Target Groups

The GS1 Logger Professional framework offers solutions for customers to fulfil their needs for safety, support companies to protect their brands and property, and last but not least may provide effective tool for controlling processes of different authorities.

B2CBenefits for consumers

Conscious customers’ need for information to make purchase decisions is continuously increasing: besides the ingredients, the carbohydrate and caloricity content of a given product, the potential allergens are getting more and more important as they may pose serious health risks to certain groups of consumers. In addition the origin of a product and the circumstances of the production are also important factors; consumers are checking more often and more thoroughly if the product was really produced and traded by the company that is marked on the packaging, and they seem to be more and more interested in the production company’s contact information, website and so on.

Built on the Logger philosophy and designed for consumers the versions of the mobile applications allow customised scans, while consumers may rest assured that data coming to the right place at the right time are from controlled and reliable sources.

B2BBenefits for stakeholders of the supply chain

Data accuracy communicated all along the supply chain and the speed of data communication have a great impact on the efficiency of the supply chain. Low effectiveness and additional costs may lead to unnecessary expenditure and waste of time for all stakeholders, not to mention higher consumer prices. This phenomenon in the supply chain of the healthcare sector may pose a real risk to individual patients’ health or lives.

It is in the best interest of each and every stakeholder of the supply chain to share with each other reliable, accurate data available in the right place at the right time on the product in order to make their own and their partners’ processes easier.

In the world of mobile devices it is self-evident that a mobile application that is capable of tracking and tracing and connected to the appropriate data stores may be a great help to have access to these data fast, anytime and anywhere.

B2GBenefits for the state sector and the authorities

Today in our globalizing world counterfeit and illegally relabelled products as well as the introduction of poor quality or sometimes poisonous basic materials fraudulently in production processes are a rapidly increasing phenomenon.

The authorities and legislative bodies are introducing strict legal regulations to fight for the safety and transparency of the supply chain and against cases posing a great health risk to customers, but due to lack of the effective control they seem to have great difficulty keeping up with defrauders.

With the help of mobile applications based on the Logger philosophy and designed for the state sector, users can check the authenticity of certain products, download official documents of a given company (producer, supplier, distributor, trader) anytime and anywhere in order to compare data and to reveal possible falsifications, illegal processes or crime cases.

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