Logger Professional

Logger Professional

Logger Professional framework may provide an effective data collection, data management and control solution for a broad target-group via mobile devices.

The Logger Professional framework may provide an effective solution for several sectors (Healthcare, FMCG sector, Transport and Logistics) and target groups (companies, consumers, governmental/administrative organs) in the field of data management and control. The mobile application may be used to collect data and enter data, obtain, record and store further information on the given product from protected and authentic sources and last but not least examine the origin and authenticity of the given product. The different applications may be customised according to individual needs.

The application allows any GS1 standard identification symbols to be scanned with the help of smart phones, either traditional barcodes or fast-spreading 2D codes; with a supplementary sensor even information carried by RFID tags may be read in the foreseeable future.

The aim of the service is to provide users with such product data and other relevant information through the related databases that are guaranteed to be accurate and authentic. The key element to have an access to these data and information is reading and decoding the above-mentioned identifiers.

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