GS1 Logger for Staff

myLogger website

myLogger.JPGThe myLogger website is dedicated to administer and manage the whole user community.

On this password protected website ( you can check your record history. Moreover it provides a solid platform to retrieve comprehensive statistic information and figures for the participating MOs. It also stores all the necessary data and tools to support MOs to follow up invalid numbers and non-standard codes (e.g. statuses, pictures) - the supervisor user of your MO can check all the records created by the staff.

List your records and search by filtering

The myLogger webpage lists the history of your records with more detailed information than the mobile application does. You are able to use dynamic filtering by time period, location, code status (valid/invalid), Application Identifiers, countries, users, GS1 ID Keys, scanning devices, GEPIR requests and return codes, etc. and export the list into excel or csv file.

The details tab contains more detailed record information including a Google map with the exact location of the scan.

Check the pictures and send report e-mails

If you do not want to spend time with reporting on mobile, you can send report e-mails from the website as well. Before sending a report, please check the quality of the picture(s) attached.


On the Statistics tab you can get four type of in-built statistic information:

  • Stat1 contains the number of valid, invalid and faulted records by users and MOs
  • Stat2 shows the distribution of records amongst countries
  • Stat3 shows the distribution of GEPIR router return codes
  • Stat4 shows the distribution of records with a specific status by country.


If you want to translate the application and the website into your language, please send us an e-mail to and you will get access to the translation page.

Batch query

On the batch query page there is a possibility to upload a list of GTIN, GLN or SSCC in an excel file and get the GEPIR responses in excel or XML format.

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’Logger for Staff Application is very useful for us. It helps us to bring our members back and to collect the annual fees.

Galina Birsanu
GS1 Moldova

I appreciate very much this project, as it promisses to be very useful for the process of validating illegal ID Keys.

Saliha Osmanagic
GS1 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Thank you for such a good tools for MO!

Raymond Ng
GS1 Hong Kong

I am very excited about Android being supported in the future.

Timothy Doherty
GS1 New Zealand

I heard about the Logger App and I think it is a great tool!

i.A. Markus Müller
GS1 Germany

I am writing to congratulate you, GS1 Logger is a fantastic app! I am enjoying it a lot as well as my colleagues.

Wilson José da Cruz Silva
GS1 Brasil