GS1 Logger for Staff

Mobile application

Mobil app.JPGWith the GS1 Logger for Staff mobile application users are able to scan different types of GS1 barcodes, validate ID Keys through GEPIR and qualify the barcode and data content against the GS1 General Specifications.

GS1 Logger for Staff is a unique solution, combining the elements of GEPIR and MobileCom with the aim to provide an easy-to-use and powerful tool for the purpose of GTIN Intelligence. The main goal of the initiative is to deliver a commonly agreed mobile tool and process behind that for GS1 GCP validation helping GS1 Member Organizations in their fight against ‘illegal/unauthorized’ use of GCPs and ID Keys.

Besides validation of the GS1 ID keys the application is capable to perform data qualification too. The qualification function is based on GS1Lib, a software library that includes all the definitions and rules of the latest General Specification. This function allows users to perform basic barcode quality check beyond GCP validation.

The barcode scanning software is an important part of the Logger for Staff application as it ensures the scanning of barcodes and it supports most of the GS1 standard barcodes with some exceptions.

The mobile application is available for iOS and Android platforms. The use of GS1 Logger for Staff requires registration.

How to use the application?

Scan a barcode or enter the data manually

Data can be entered manually or automatically with the built-in camera of the mobile phone. In case of automatic scanning the ‘Scan’ button has to be pressed and the built-in camera of the device switches on allowing us to scan the barcode. Besides reading linear (EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF-14, GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional and GS1-128) barcodes, it is enabled to read GS1 QR code, GS1 DataMatrix 2D codes.

When entering manually a code, first select the Application Identifier of the GS1 ID Key then enter the code. All GS1 ID Keys are supported and can be validated.

Data qualification and validation

Pushing the Qualification button a checklist appears with the results of qualification against GS1 General Specifications: is the barcode and data content in line with the GS1 Standards or not? For more information see GS1Library.

Push the Validation button to send the record to the Logger Server which will check the validity of the ID Key through GEPIR and will send back the result to the mobile application. Three types of statuses can be returned:

  • The number is valid – on green background;
  • The number is invalid – on red background;
  • The connection is failed – on yellow background.

Tap on the result to see the more detailed record information.

Take pictures and send report e-mails

If you find an invalid ID Key or a code that is not in line with the GS1 standards, take some pictures (maximum 3) of the barcode and the packaging of the item pushing the Add photo button. Then press the Send&Report button to upload the pictures to the server and to send a report e-mail to the responsible GS1 MO.

Information on scanning location

Switch on the GPS of your mobile phone in order to have information on the scanning location. If you do not want to use the GPS coordinates of your phone (e.g. because you are abroad), select the country you are in at the Settings menu of the application.

Check the history of your scans

The History menu shows the last 100 records of the users (you can check all your records on the myLogger website). Here you also can attach pictures to the record and send a report e-mail if you have not sent yet.

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’Logger for Staff Application is very useful for us. It helps us to bring our members back and to collect the annual fees.

Galina Birsanu
GS1 Moldova

I appreciate very much this project, as it promisses to be very useful for the process of validating illegal ID Keys.

Saliha Osmanagic
GS1 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Thank you for such a good tools for MO!

Raymond Ng
GS1 Hong Kong

I am very excited about Android being supported in the future.

Timothy Doherty
GS1 New Zealand

I heard about the Logger App and I think it is a great tool!

i.A. Markus Müller
GS1 Germany

I am writing to congratulate you, GS1 Logger is a fantastic app! I am enjoying it a lot as well as my colleagues.

Wilson José da Cruz Silva
GS1 Brasil