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The GS1Library (so called GS1Lib) is a software library that contains all the latest existing GS1 standards and rules in programming language, thus it supports the Qualification function of the application.

The GS1 Lib is a programme library that allows GS1 Logger for Staff application to automatically check data, data structure, their relations to each other, the symbols, the scanning environment and whether or not they meet the standards in accordance with the latest GS1 General Specifications.

The validation function of the GS1 Lib begins the check by one data element (minimum and maximum length, format, CDV, prefix, data separator, Al-prefix relation etc.) and then extends the control by checking the element string (mandatory pair, invalid pair, relational pair etc.) and the symbols.

The GS1 Lib can be run on various platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and can be implemented in various applications and software as the uniform business logical layer source was written in C++ standard.

Coming soon!

The GS1 Lib 2.0 will be able to make validations by scanning environment beyond former quality controls, which means that as well as carrying out the former control activities (data, data structure and symbol), additionally it will also check whether or not they meet the standards in the given scanning environment.

Another novelty will be that GS1 Lib will implement rules defined by local GS1 MO’s beyond the General GS1 Specifications. In practice it means that GS1 Logger for Staff will also be able to make validations by locations of scans in accordance with rules of the given GS1 MO.

What rules can they be? GS1 MO’s may define area specific rules on identifiers related to restricted distribution beyond the rules of General Specifications such as RCN, VMN, coupon, refund receipt structures.

It is also planned that in the future GS1 Lib will contain EPC/RFID rules beyond those of General Specifications in order that it will be able to validate information coming from RFID tags.

Another goal is to collect the rules and code lists of GDD (Global Data Dictionary) in a GDD Lib programme library to support data and symbol generation and classification functions of future applications.

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’Logger for Staff Application is very useful for us. It helps us to bring our members back and to collect the annual fees.

Galina Birsanu
GS1 Moldova

I appreciate very much this project, as it promisses to be very useful for the process of validating illegal ID Keys.

Saliha Osmanagic
GS1 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Thank you for such a good tools for MO!

Raymond Ng
GS1 Hong Kong

I am very excited about Android being supported in the future.

Timothy Doherty
GS1 New Zealand

I heard about the Logger App and I think it is a great tool!

i.A. Markus Müller
GS1 Germany

I am writing to congratulate you, GS1 Logger is a fantastic app! I am enjoying it a lot as well as my colleagues.

Wilson José da Cruz Silva
GS1 Brasil