GS1 Logger for Staff

GEPIR Network

GEPIR szerver.JPGThe GS1 Logger for Staff application uses the GEPIR Network to check the validity of the GS1 prefixes and ID Keys.

The Logger for Staff server is directly connected to the GEPIR node of GS1 Hungary enabling the application to reach the GEPIR Network.

When a record is uploaded to the server one or two GEPIR request are initiated to check the validity of the ID Key or GCP.

If the ID Key is a GTIN or GLN, two requests are sent towards GEPIR (getItemByGTIN, getPartyByGTIN and getPartyByGLN, getOwnerOfGLN). The GEPIR return codes are mapped into valid, invalid and faulted statuses, and the answers are aggregated according to the following flowchart:


Find out more about GEPIR:

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’Logger for Staff Application is very useful for us. It helps us to bring our members back and to collect the annual fees.

Galina Birsanu
GS1 Moldova

I appreciate very much this project, as it promisses to be very useful for the process of validating illegal ID Keys.

Saliha Osmanagic
GS1 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Thank you for such a good tools for MO!

Raymond Ng
GS1 Hong Kong

I am very excited about Android being supported in the future.

Timothy Doherty
GS1 New Zealand

I heard about the Logger App and I think it is a great tool!

i.A. Markus Müller
GS1 Germany

I am writing to congratulate you, GS1 Logger is a fantastic app! I am enjoying it a lot as well as my colleagues.

Wilson José da Cruz Silva
GS1 Brasil