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Logger for Staff updated: 2.7

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The most important changes of 2.7 version are the following:

  • The new version includes new rules implemented according to the General Specification v15.
  • Manual data input bugfix

The changes of 2.5 version were the following:

  • New scanner (Manatee Works) instead of i-Nigma
  • All types of GS1 DataBar are readable now
  • New ticketing function on the administration website to support the follow up reports
  • Report e-mail addresses can be modified by supervisors on the website

 The feature of 2.4.5 version was the following:

  • The brand new 2.4.5 version of GS1 Logger for Staff application already operates by the rules of the GenSpec v14.

The features of the 2.4 version was the following:

  • After scanning the data content of the code is shown on the Main window of the application
  • Design modifications: the function buttons (Scan, Validation, Qualification) have been relocated
  • If the scanned code contains a URL, after scanning the URL opens automatically
  • New scanner (i-Nigma) library has been implemented
  • Report e-mail can be sent independently of the record status: valid/invalid/faulted/standard/nonstandard
  • Changes in the content of the report e-mails

The features of the 2.3 version was the following:

  • Add comment to your reports – with additional information you can help the work of the colleagues who are processing the invalid numbers
  • Admin view available on website – you can see here all the records that contains an ID Key allocated from your MOs prefix (even the barcodes scanned by other users).
  • Rules of AI (8010) and (8011) have been included in the application

See all the other useful functions the GS1 Logger for Staf solution has so far:

Data Input/ Data Management

As a result of the developments the number of code types that may be read is increasing continuously, but the really important change is that the new version makes it possible to read all GS1 Application Identifiers (AI) from the following code types: EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, ITF-14, GS1-128, GS1 QR, GS1 DataMatrix, GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional.

If the code cannot be read, even in the course of manual data entry, all application identifiers (AI) marking GS1 Identifier Keys may be selected.

Checking / Qualification

Due to the continuous developments today the validity of all GS1 ID Keys can be checked with the help of the GEPIR network. The GEPIR status of a record can be valid, invalid or faulted.

The completely new solution is the Qualification function, which compares the scanned symbol and its data content and the data entered manually to the rules specified in GS1 General Specifications; that is how it verifies whether the given symbol and data content meet the standards or not.

Here are some examples: checking data format, checking GS1 prefix, checking symbols, checking the mandatory and exclude pairs of element strings.

In order to check whether the data content and the symbol meet the standards, it is unnecessary to send the scanned data to GEPIR. On the display of the mobile the message is “standard” or “not standard”, but on the website (myLogger) one can get a much more detailed analysis of a given symbol or ID Key.


There is a new function called Settings, with the help of which it makes settings related to the location of the scan possible. Thus, among other things, even if the GPS is off, the location of the scanning can be given (at least the country), and if the GPS is on, users may set the level of information they wish to communicate on the location of the scan (accurate coordinate information or higher level one, such as country information). Even with the GPS off, the scope of location data of scans may be plentiful. In Hungary as a pilot the following location levels have been identified: country, region, county micro-region, city, town, district, private property ID number, one polygon/building, places in a building.

The most important feature in 2.1.1 version was the introduction of notification messages, which allows users to get the latest news of the project or the application on the mobile side. This function must be enabled by the users on the Settings of the mobile phone that allows GS1 Logger for Staff to send the notification messages to the users.

New features of the website

The number of useful functions of the application on the admin surface has significantly increased. Now not only can the records of the ID Keys handled by MOs and made of GS1 prefix be stored on the server and be accessed on the website, but all the records generated with the help of the application (either standard, not standard, valid, invalid or faulted).

The photo function has been completely renewed. The photos may have been attached to the report so far, from now on, however, the storage function of photos attached to reports has been transferred to the server side, thus, the photos may be seen anytime now on the website. Now you can attach photos to the scanned data not only when sending a report. Looking back under the History menu an item or a product that has already been checked, users can add photos to old records with the help of the application.

Before sending the report, you can attach anytime a maximum of 3 photos to the given record, which you can upload to the server, thus, photos attached to a given record can be found and looked at anytime later on. It is also a novelty that if the photo hasn’t been taken at the first check, the photo may be added any time until you send the report.

The report had to be send immediately from the phone in former versions, from the 2.0 version, however, it is possible to postpone sending the report from our mobile and to send it from the admin surface later on, thus, there is trace remaining on the server side. Also the status of the reports can be checked on the website: the given icon goes green if the report has been sent.

Qualification that has been mentioned earlier may be used not only on mobiles, in addition to certain records you can track on the website the reason why a certain symbol or a data content gets “standard” or ”not standard” classification. This column is to be found now right next to the former GEPIR checking column.

The translation surface (website) is designed for the convenience of users and a larger scope of applicability where users with the appropriate authorisation can translate the texts of the applications (mobile and website) into their own mother tongue.

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’Logger for Staff Application is very useful for us. It helps us to bring our members back and to collect the annual fees.

Galina Birsanu
GS1 Moldova

I appreciate very much this project, as it promisses to be very useful for the process of validating illegal ID Keys.

Saliha Osmanagic
GS1 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Thank you for such a good tools for MO!

Raymond Ng
GS1 Hong Kong

I am very excited about Android being supported in the future.

Timothy Doherty
GS1 New Zealand

I heard about the Logger App and I think it is a great tool!

i.A. Markus Müller
GS1 Germany

I am writing to congratulate you, GS1 Logger is a fantastic app! I am enjoying it a lot as well as my colleagues.

Wilson José da Cruz Silva
GS1 Brasil