Legal Information

Overview of legal information for the GS1 Member Organisations about the legal issues arising during the test phase of the GS1 Logger for Staff application.

The GS1 Logger for Staff application is an in-house development of GS1 HUNGARY Global Identification and Communication Systems Managing Nonprofit Closely Held Company limited by Shares, the Hungarian member organization of GS1 AISBL. GS1 HUNGARY is the holder of the copyrights related to the GS1 Logger for Staff application as a proprietary software. GS1 HUNGARY has submitted an application for the registration of the “GS1 Logger” trademark; and GS1 HUNGARY has taken the necessary steps to provide copyright protection for the application by entering it in the register at the Society Artisjus Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Authors' Rights.

GS1 HUNGARY is committed to providing the GS1 community with access to the results of its development project. In the first stage, in the initial six-month test period until 30th of June, 2012, GS1 HUNGARY provides:

  • the GS1 Member Organisations with the opportunity of participating in the initiative launched to test the GS1 Logger for Staff application, through granting free registration and concluding a cooperation agreement;
  • the GS1 Member Organisations with the possibility of registering (allowing to register) a certain number of end users to test the GS1 Logger for Staff application;
  • the registered end users with the possibility of downloading the test version of the GS1 Logger for Staff application from the Apple Store, once the End User License Agreement is signed and the relevant terms and conditions are accepted.

The Terms of cooperation for GS1 Member Organizations pertaining to the use of GS1 Logger for Staff application and the Terms of Use: End User License Agreement for the GS1 Logger for Staff application set forth the conditions cooperation and of usage of the application. The most important elements of the agreements are the following.

The contracts shall grant permission for the use of the test version of the GS1 Logger for Staff application.

In addition to the right of use, GS1 HUNGARY, with respect to the number of users and to the maximum extent of the available methods and possibilities, shall provide free access to the elements necessary for the proper use of the application (including APIs, positioning coordinates, etc.). With respect to the above, GS1 HUNGARY announces the following:

GS1 HUNGARY signed a fixed-term contact of one year with 3GVision pertaining to the support of the GS1 Logger for Staff application. As a result of the agreement, the GS1 Logger for Staff application will be provided with bar-code scanning capabilities.

The GS1 Logger for Staff application will use the term coordinates provided by the Eurostat’s system for positioning purposes. In addition, GS1 Hungary concluded an agreement with the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI), and so, positioning in Hungary will also be carried out by using the term coordinates provided by the institution. During the operation of the GS1 Logger for Staff application, GS1 HUNGARY shall use the term coordinates to associate additional information to the ones captured by the user, the company shall make this data available to the users (however, neither a bulk download of the term coordinates nor the handing over of the database shall be possible).

The right of use shall be granted for a limited period of time (until 30th of June, 2012) and with an express purpose. To provide the achievement of the stated purpose, the application shall not in any way or to any extent be used for commercial purposes, the application shall not be transferable, the application shall not be used in any other way for any other purpose than previously stated (i.e. testing) —as it is set out in the terms and conditions. The data gained from the GEPIR network during the testing of the application and the information obtained from the network can be utilized by each member organization, since they already have a right of use of the GEPIR network.

The contracts govern the restrictions, that, based on its own contractual obligations, GS1 HUNGARY has to impose on the users of the application.

In accordance with the restrictions and exclusions on the general usage terms defined in the agreements concluded by and between GS1 HUNGARY, Apple Inc. and Google Inc, the agreements to be concluded between GS1 HUNGARY and the GS1 Member Organisations and the end users registered by the member organisations, respectively, set forth, among others, the following terms and conditions:

  • the test version of the GS1 Logger for Staff application shall not be made accessible to any third party; this shall be ensured by GS1 HUNGARY, the GS1 Member Organisations as well as the end user registered by the member organisations;
  • a consent of the registered end users running the GS1 Logger for Staff shall be collected in order to allow the GS1 Logger for Staff application to register, forward or in any other way use the data on the location of the user in his capacity as a natural person’s;
  • should the contract with Apple be cancelled or terminated, the application of the GS1 Logger for Staff application shall be terminated with immediate effect, and each and every version of the application shall be deleted;
  • the member organisations and the end users accept the privacy policies related to the application;
  • the application is not suitable for and shall not be used for especially the following purposes and in the following ways: usage for business purposes; bulk downloads or listings of place data (location data, maps, coordinates, etc.); as a real-time navigation or route planning application; as an automatic or autonomous vehicle controlling application; enterprise dispatch; fleet management; business asset tracking; disseminating information or content that is illegal or improper.

With regard to the prevailing restrictions imposed by the service providers, the volume of the available sent and received data may be limited during the test period.

The terms and conditions of the contracts shall govern the parties’ mutual covenants on responsibilities, warranty, data security and non-disclosure. GS1 Member Organisations shall take responsibility for their registered end users. Therefore, we suggest that they also set out similar contractual terms and conditions for the registered end users. Should any member organisation or any end user registered by a member organisation violate the usage terms and conditions, the member organisation shall take liability for any claims filed against GS1 HUNGARY by third parties.

The present overview shall not be considered as a legally binding declaration. GS1 HUNGARY may set out completely different terms and conditions concerning a later version of the application or additional applications similar to the current one and intended for marketing purposes.