Healthcare Demo Scanner

An indispensable tool for every healthcare stakeholder

Healthcare Demo Scanner is a dual purpose healthcare Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) application:

Use the "Normal" mode to scan barcodes one by one, validate them against GS1 data format standards and collect information about the product, manufacturer, scanning location, etc. Use it to demonstrates the advantages of GS1 DataMatrix when used in healthcare applications for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) marking of trade items.

In "Survey" mode the app is can be used to measure the prevalence of GS1 bar codes marked on healthcare products.  With this function, users are able to gather information about changing trends in bar code use.  Barcode symbol data can be collected and statistically analysed. Multiple symbols can be scanned, and information added about location, product type, packaging level, pictures and comments.

Find out more about the new functions via the User Guides:

HDS 2.0 User Manual

HDS Quick Start Guide for iOS devices

HDS Quick Start for Android phones


The Healthcare Demo Scanner is the smartphone application supporting healthcare sector developed by GS1 Hungary based on the needs and knowledge of GS1 Global Office’s GS1 Healthcare User Group.


For the healthcare sector, GS1 Hungary is working on numerous other, GS1 Standards based smarthphone application ensuring efficiency, advantages, customization and parameterisation. Read more here.


Healthcare 2.0 is available



Download the Healthcare Demo Scanner for free:

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Healthcare Demo Scanner