GS1 Global Forum 2012

  • 11-11-2012

The global platform of the GS1 Member Organizations in Brussels

GS1 Global Forum Market Place 2012

At this year’s GS1 Global Forum we showed the success of test project of GS1 Logger for Staff not only in the course of a presentation but we demonstrated the advantages and benefits of the application at the GS1 in Europe booth.

At the booth we had the opportunity to show the operation of the application in practice to the colleagues visiting us. It was our pleasure to see what a great interest was shown to the application, and quite a high number of colleagues representing intra- and extra-European countries indicated that they found the initiative and solution very useful and wished to join.

A Kindle Fire was drawn among those visiting our booth, which the Syrian managing director Rabih Hassouany won.

GS1 Global Forum / GS1 in Europe Regional Forum

At the GS1 in Europe Forum - one of the several regional forums of the Global Forum - our colleague Perer Kurucz introduced the milestones and experience of the GS1 Logger for Staff project.

Besides the easy use and wide range of applicability of the application, the attendees were greatly surprised to see the high proportion of invalid numbers among all the products scanned. Several colleagues suggested that the problem should be addressed in a common European strategy.

Also the audience agreed that GS1 Logger for Staff was a very useful device for the fight against illegal numbers and it would fit into the European GTIN Intelligence programme. Those taking the floor stressed that invalid numbers did great harm at several levels resulting in financial and moral losses as the uniqueness of the global keys got damaged.

In the final part of presentation besides the general acknowledgement special emphasis was placed on the following:

  • the high number of the French test team (21 persons) and
  • the colleague Martin Beno, who had “loggered” most

The grand prize - an iPad 2.0 - was presented to the colleague finding the most invalid numbers who was none other than a Lithuanian colleague Janis Lublinskis.

Download the presentation

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